It’s pretty common knowledge now that Cigarettes are bad for your health. Sucking in large amounts of tar and carcinogens all day will have a definite negative impact on your health. Quitting is really in everyone’s best interest when it comes to smoking cigarettes but it’s not easy. Vaping is now seen as an effective method to cut down on harm when getting your nicotine fix. Nicotine itself still isn’t a healthy chemical to be putting into your bloodstream but it’s vastly less harmful than actual cigarette smoke. So make no illusions that Vaping is in itself “healthy” it’s not, but it is much less harmful than smoking and as such should be considered a viable method of harm reduction when it comes to smoking.

Nicotine isn’t the only compound found in Vaping (known as vape juice or e-juice) the vast majority of the liquid is comprised of Glycerol which comes in two forms. Vegetable Glycerin, which is usually made from Soy Beans or Palm Oil and Propylene glycol, which is made synthetically. Both these compounds have been shown to be fairly safe to ingest via vaping in amounts found in Vape Pens. Flavouring is the last component of e-juice and it comes in a wide range of sources.

The majority of manufacturers will use food grade additives but you should be aware of what your preferred flavour contains, anything less than food grade level additives for flavouring should be avoided as if they’re not approved to eat, then they’re not good to vape. Diacetyl as probably the most well-known of the flavouring compounds used in e-juice as it has been the source of some viral articles stating the vaping causes popcorn lung. The research used in these articles doesn’t actually state that and its findings were blown out of proportion to generate page views and advertising income for the sites posting it. Although the report did find that exposure to this compound in high airborne concentrations over long periods of time did cause irreversible scarring in the lungs, the amounts found in e-juice were much lower than the exposure found in microwave popcorn factories where the study got its results from. That being said it is a compound that can cause harm in high prolonged doses so if you can try to avoid it.