Facts and Figures about CBD Vape: Safe or Unsafe?

CBD Vape is a type of device that allows a user to inhale and exhale aerosol typical of an e-cigarette. It does not produce smoke but it rather produces aerosol generally mistaken for water vapor. But the aerosol generally contains some fine particles which in turn contains some amounts of toxic chemicals. Studies have linked these particles to cancer and other respiratory and heart diseases.

Existing evidence and results of experts’ studies indicated that when CBD is vaped on itself is quite safe. Unfortunately, the unregulated market practices have thrown CBD vape into a doubtful platform because of many impure and adulterated CBD tinctures to vape. This has led to suspicious and unreliable doubtful sources and quality of some CBD vape or vape oils.

There are some significant alarms raised concerning CBD vape in recent times. One of such is, for instance, the United States Army released a warning alert in respect to two health centers with over 60 patients within a short period having health issues officially linked to the use of CBD vape oils. Most of the patients showed varieties of symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, nausea, disorientation, seizures, and agitation.

Surprisingly, similar reports emanated from the North Carolina health officials. There was a surge of health issues reports of over 30 people showed up at the local emergency rooms with cases relating to hallucinations, loss of consciousness, and irregular heartbeats; all linked to CBD vaping. These reports as alarming as they were, point to the facts that there may be some unsafe sources of adulterated supply chains in the public domain.

By and large, the unfortunate reports pictured above is not enough to cast CBD vape into the ‘valley of dangerous substance’. Abuse, misuse, adulterated products, deceit presentation, misbranding, and unscrupulous acts of some manufacturers may be responsible for the backlashes of side effects experienced by all or at its best some of the victims. It has been scientifically proved that CBD or its oil extracted from the right hemp source is succinctly safe.

Principally, Vape oil made from safe industrial hemp that is natural and safe. The industrial hemp is legal as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC in most of the United States.

CBD Vape juice is safe irrespective of some side effects suffered by some users who might have inadvertently used adulterated products.

Of noteworthy is the fact that though THC causes some psychoactive effects on users, CBD he vape oils will not create this high because CBD is neither psychoactive nor cause ‘high’ effects.

How Best To Source for a Safe CBD Vape? What You Should Know??

  • Because CBD vape products are largely unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, consumers can’t be certain that CBD products are exactly what they claim to contain. This uncertainty is a great dilemma to users and potential users of CBD vape.
  • When contemplating to use CBD vape, one major fact that you must bear in mind is that there are a various number of products with various degree of quality in the market, ranging from genuine to adulterated, deceitful claims, and misbranded products.
  • One of the best ways to source for the best CBD vape is to search for products from all the known states where the use of cannabis have been legalized for both recreational and medical uses. Verified quality products that meet expected standards are most likely to be very much available in such states.

Again, an online search for CBD products may yield a variety of options to choose from. Be sure of the brand you are buying, read carefully about their pros and cons. Do not be carried away by bogus claims by manufacturers and their unverified testimonies.

Steps To Follow When Ordering Weed From a Mail Order Marijuana Business

Since medical marijuana became legalized in Canada, a lot has changed in the industry in terms of production and purchase. Due to the huge revolution in the cannabis market, the Canadian government had to create a new system to legalize and regulate cannabis. Although you can find a plethora of marijuana dispensaries that operate in a regulated way, just like the liquor stores, a large population prefers to buy cannabis online. If you are planning to buy cannabis from a mail order marijuana business online, here are a few things that you need to take care of.

How To Ensure You Are Buying From A Legit Source

The first most important thing you need to take care of while buying weed from an online source is that you always buy from an authorized dealer. Even today the cannabis market is largely over shadowed by fraudsters trying to scam people. If you find an offer on Craigslist that sounds too good to be true then probably it’s just a trap. With so many reputed websites selling weed legally, you no longer have to buy marijuana from a secret dealer or a friend’s friend.

If you are wondering how to ensure whether or not a website is legitimate, here are some steps to follow when buying weed online:

  • Visit the mail order marijuana website and look for the company/dealer’s information. A reputable online dispensary will have an ‘About Us’ section on the homepage where you can find information when the dispensary was established and by whom, etc.
  • Take a look at the product categories. A reputed online business will have an extensive collection of cannabis strains for different types of medical conditions. Each product will have complete descriptions along with their health benefits and side effects, if any.
  • Check out the blog section of the website for additional verification. An online cannabis dealer who is serious about his reputation will have a blog with quality posts on cannabis industry. A well-maintained blog indicates that the seller is serious about his business.
  • Look for a Contact Us section in the mail order marijuana website. A reputed and established dealer will have no qualms about sharing his phone number and physical address. This can give you the assurance that the dealer is reliable.
  • Finally, you must check the shipping policy of the website to ensure that online dispensary provides discreet and reliable shipping. A reputable company will take full responsibility of delivering the package securely at your given address. It should also have a tracking system to ensure that the package does not get lost in transit.
  • After you have checked the website thoroughly, perform a Google search with the name of the business to see what others are saying. Read a few customer reviews to get an overview of the kind of services they offer.

No wonder buying from a mail order marijuana business has made it easier for people to buy weed online in a discreet and secure way. However, it’s no secret that technology has always been misused by scammers to trick innocent people. Before buying weed online, spend some time researching about the mail order marijuana business and gather as much detail as you can until you are sure that you are buying from an authorized dealer. If anything shows a red flag, just stay away from such business to avoid wasting your time and money.


It’s pretty common knowledge now that Cigarettes are bad for your health. Sucking in large amounts of tar and carcinogens all day will have a definite negative impact on your health. Quitting is really in everyone’s best interest when it comes to smoking cigarettes but it’s not easy. Vaping is now seen as an effective method to cut down on harm when getting your nicotine fix. Nicotine itself still isn’t a healthy chemical to be putting into your bloodstream but it’s vastly less harmful than actual cigarette smoke. So make no illusions that Vaping is in itself “healthy” it’s not, but it is much less harmful than smoking and as such should be considered a viable method of harm reduction when it comes to smoking.

Nicotine isn’t the only compound found in Vaping (known as vape juice or e-juice) the vast majority of the liquid is comprised of Glycerol which comes in two forms. Vegetable Glycerin, which is usually made from Soy Beans or Palm Oil and Propylene glycol, which is made synthetically. Both these compounds have been shown to be fairly safe to ingest via vaping in amounts found in Vape Pens. Flavouring is the last component of e-juice and it comes in a wide range of sources.

The majority of manufacturers will use food grade additives but you should be aware of what your preferred flavour contains, anything less than food grade level additives for flavouring should be avoided as if they’re not approved to eat, then they’re not good to vape. Diacetyl as probably the most well-known of the flavouring compounds used in e-juice as it has been the source of some viral articles stating the vaping causes popcorn lung. The research used in these articles doesn’t actually state that and its findings were blown out of proportion to generate page views and advertising income for the sites posting it. Although the report did find that exposure to this compound in high airborne concentrations over long periods of time did cause irreversible scarring in the lungs, the amounts found in e-juice were much lower than the exposure found in microwave popcorn factories where the study got its results from. That being said it is a compound that can cause harm in high prolonged doses so if you can try to avoid it.